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Here is a little genealogy research I had stored away. Just to break from articles for a minute. The dates posted were found on Death Certificates, Wedding Announcements, Obituaries, or other forms of documents. Enjoy!

Henry Edward Sullivan born May 2, 1851 in Louisiana according to newspaper clippings.
His mother's name was Sarah and father's name was Edward. Henry Edward Sullivan died on October 24, 1958.

First Marriage to Lou Stone. They had Bruce Sullivan.
1. Bruce married Callie Cecil Colllier. Together Bruce and Callie Cecil had Patricia Ann Sullivan born 4 JAN 1947, Lois Marie Sullivan born 26 JAN 1948, Molly Darlene Sullivan born 13 JAN 1951, and Mike.

After Lou passed away, Henry Edward married Mary Louise Cronea. Mary Louise went by "Louise". She was the daughter of Charles Cronea. Together they had nine children. Louise Cronea was born 13 NOV 1867 and died 10 AUG 1910.

2. Frank Sullivan born NOV 1883. He married Ollie Nelson. Notes from Eunice: Frank Sullivan worked in the oil fields all of his life. Ollie his wife was a homemaker. They lived in Fannett.They had a girl, Jimmy Lou Sullivan. Eunice called her a "Hopsy Topsy". I think that is supposed to mean she thought she was special.

3. Minnie Sullivan born 7 JAN 1886 died 25 JUN 1886

4. John "Jack" Sullivan born JAN 1887 married Kate born about 1887.
     Together they had four children:
     Wesley Sullivan b. 1914 married Barbara
     Chester Sullivan b. 1916
     LeRoy Sullivan b. OCT 1918
     Katherine Sullivan b. about 1926
    Additional notes from Eunice: Wesley worked in the oil fields. They called John "Uncle Jack". He had stomach problems. They brought him to Port Arthur. He had gangrene and died due to a burst Appendix.

5. Kate Sullivan born JUL 1889. Married John Andres 10 JUN 1910. Died 18 NOV 1960.
     John and Kate together had four kids. "Buckshot" who lived in Beaumont, Mary lives in Port  
     Neches, Sue lived in Port Arthur, and JoJo. The kids information was from Eunice.

6. Henry Casey Sullivan (aka Casey) born 25 DEC 1892. Married Mable Barrow. Died 8 JAN 1957.
Together they had Eunice, Sidney, Douglas, Nora Lee "Tincie", Vera Mae "Benice" , Robert Louis, Henry Lee, and Mildred.

7. William "Willie" Sullivan born 24 FEB 1894 died 17 AUG 1924

8. Russell Louis Sullivan aka "Red" born FEB 1896 and died 20 AUG 1967. According to Eunice, Uncle Red married to Bruce's wife after Bruce Sullivan passed away and they had a daughter.

9. Barney "Moon" Sullivan born 6 SEP 1897 (also have seen MAY 1897). Married Dollie Welch. Died 22 AUG 1942. According to Eunice, Moon was killed by a bee sting. His wife Dollie remarried to Louis "Red" Sullivan.

10. Thomas Sullivan born 7 MAR 1899. Married Nellie Rose Yokum. Died on 7 MAR 1976. Together Thomas and Nellie had Therisa Sullivan born about 1921 and Thomas Sullivan born about 1924. According to Eunice, Therisa lived in Victoria and at the time in 2005 had already passed away. Tom was still living in Victoria in 2005. Nellie Rose died on 2 FEB 1985.

11. Sidney Sullivan born 18 APR 1902 and died on 7 MAR 1908.

12. George "Six" Sullivan born in 1901. He lived in Corsicana. He married a women named Dede. According to Eunice, together they had no children, but adopted a girl. Will post Obituary separately. George died on 19 MAY 1984.

13. Middleton Sullivan born 1905. "Mid" according to Eunice was an oilman. He liked to drink and lived out in West Texas. He had four boys. One of his sons was named Sammy Dee.

14. Fannie Sulllivan born 1907. Married Robert Stone. They lived in Silsbee, Texas. Together they had two girls and one son named Doug. According to Eunice, the red headed girl of theirs could have passed for Benice's twin.

Louis passed away 10 AUG 1910. Following that Henry Edward then remarried to his third wife, Dora Davis. Dora was born on 22 NOV 1887 and died on 3 MAR 1968.
Dora Davis had a daughter from a previous marriage, Addie Mae.
Together Henry and Dora had two sons.

15. Maco Sullivan born 7 FEB 1923. He married Della Mae Bourgeous. Died 1 MAR 1987. Della was born in 1929 and died on 1 DEC 1991. They had four children. Cecil Edward Sullivan, Ella Jo Sullivan (married a man from Anahuac), Molly Jo Sullivan, and Alvin Sullivan.

16. Lake Sullivan born 22 NOV 1925 and died in MAR 1986.

Addie Mae whether she was adopted or not would have made 17 children raised by Henry. Making that part of the previous newspaper article valid. 

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Henry Edward Sullivan Family Information

Henry Edward Sullivan was born on May 2, 1851 and died on October 24, 1958. 

He first married Louise Cronea (b. November 13, 1867 d. August 10, 1910. tombstone) In the 1900 census, Henry Sullivan was living in High Island, TX dwelling #139. He was recorded as being 41 yrs. old. born in May 1859, He had been married for 17 yrs to Louise, age 33, born Nov 1866. Together they had 9 kids 8 were living, Frank, John, Kate, Henry (my grgrandfather), William, Louis, Barney, Thomas. 

On the 1910 Census, H. Sullivan was still married to L. Sullivan and were living in High Island, TX. They had been married for 28 yrs. They had had 13 kids, 11 living: Frank, John, Katie, Henry, William, Louis, Barney, Thomas, George, Middleton, and Fannie. 

I have not found Henry Edward SULLIVAN in the 1920 Census, but I have found most of his children and their families. 

According to Eunice's accounts, after Louise Cronea passed away, he remarried to a Louise Stone. She had 1 son prior and together they had Bruce Sullivan. After Louise Stone passed away, he married a Dora Davis (tombstone reads: "Mother Dora Sullivan Nov 22, 1887 Mar 3, 1968), who had a daughter named Addie Mae who was adopted by Henry Edward, together they had two boys, Maco and Lake Sullivan. 

Eunice had told me about Henry Edward Sullivan or maybe his parents coming from Ireland. Also, she remember stories that his mother came from Ireland. His mother was a short lady of normal build who always wore a starched black dress and carried rosary beads every where she went. Eunice always told me his mother's name was Sarah. Her tomb states: "Sarah Sullivan Age 80 yrs died Nov 24, 1917 AT REST". 

On the site, Henry Edwards Death Certificate lists Father, Edward Sullivan and Mother, Sarah Unedine.

Henry Sullivan 107, High Island Dies in Hospital

The top has written, Oct 24, 19..... Grave stone in High Island states 1958.
The site has a good picture of the cemetary plot as well as parents, death cert., and children, click here.

Henry Edward Sullivan, 107, of High Island, died at 2:54 pm yesterday in Chambers County Hospital in Anahuac. A resident of High Island for the past 100 years, Mr. Sullivan was a native of Donaldsonville, La.
   Mr. Sullivan, or Capt. Sullivan, as many of his friends knew him, was a fisherman and boatman. In 1935, he recounted to the late Dean Tevis, former Enterprise reporter, his acquaintance with Charley Cronea, Jean Lafitte's cabin boy during the days of piracy along the Gulf coast.
  He is survived by his wife, Dora Sullivan of High Island; seven sons, Lewis, Bruce, and Maco, all of High Island, George of Rosenberg, Tex., Tom of Goose Creek, Tex., Frank of Houston and Lake of Lake Charles, La.; three daughters, Mrs. Lillian White, Mrs. Fannie Stone of Silsbee and Mrs. Addie Mae Harris of Carthage, Tex.; 42 grandchildren; 42 great-grandchildren, and 10 great-great-grandchildren.
  Funeral arrangements will be announced by Carroll-Wallace Funeral Home.

Tincie Marie Grammier wedding announcement

I believe this one is from the Beaumont Enterprise. It has handwritten 1962 on top.

Frederick E. Edgar Completes Course For CD Instructor

Continue reading.... haha and my question was answered... CD Instructor.... Civil Defense perhaps?

HIGH ISLAND, Jan 31 (Spl)- Frederick E. Edgar area Civil Defense director, has completed the 15-hour CD Instructors Course, for the Galveston area, conducted at Ball High School, with 49 adults enrolled, in Galveston.
   Mr. Edgar is now a qualified instructor and will teach a 12-hour adult course at the school building when he has completed the booking of film and other necessary material.
   Mr. Edgar stated the importance of this course is to promote safety and welfare of people during natural and man-made disasters with emphasis on protection from nuclear weapons. This instructors course is sponsored by Civil Defense Adult Education of the Texas Education Agency in Austin.

Stephen R. Bennett Air Force San Augustine

This man is a grandson of Minnie and J.W. Edgar my great grandparents. He must have been the son of Fred's sister, Marie perhaps.

LACKLAND AFB, Tex. - Airman Third Class Stephen R. Bennett of Bronson, Texas, is being reassigned to Davis - Monthan AFB, Ariz., for training and duty as an air policeman.
   Airman Bennett recently completed United States Air Force basic military training here.
   The airman, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Edgar of Bronson, is a graduate of West Sabine High School, Pineland, Tex. Prior to entering the service he attended San Jacinto College at Pasadena, Tex.

Texas Coastal Roads Remain Open So Far

This article has written "Sept 17, 1957". Not sure what is a civil defense director, but love the squally weather term. HAHA

   State Highway Patrol headquarters here last night said all roads along the Texas coast in this region remained open as residents along the coastal area listened to weather reports on the course of tropical storm Esther.
   Squally weather and high tides were expected by residents of the beach areas, including Sabine Pass, High Island, and Gilchrist.
   Beach area residents reported rough waters in the Gulf late Tuesday.
   Mrs. Fred Edgar, wife of the civil defense director at High Island, said last night High Island residents were remaining at their residences with no evacuations reported.

Island Patriarch Cligns to Ship - 1954 or 55 - Henry Edward Sullivan

Page Eighteen "Cut Teeth on Schooner" Reads as follows:
"Island Patriarch Clings to Ships" by Sara Marstellar Journal Staff Writer

High Island, Nov. 16 - Henry Edward Sullivan has been going down to the sea in ships for as long as he can remember.
     "Cut my teeth on the mast of a schooner - owned a boat ever since I was 14, and don't aim to go out of the boat-owning business as long as I'm able to get around under my own power," declares this rugged old mariner.
     The patriarch of High Island, just past his 96th or 97th birthday, is busy rigging up a boat for fishing in the gulf as soon as spring breaks.
   HE'S SPENT THE greater part of his life on the water, and he doesn't think he's old enough to spend time sitting around the fireplace spinning yarns about the sea.
    Records of Mr. Sullivan's birth were lost during the Civil War. It has been determined, however, that he was born in New Orleans either in 1858 or 1859.
    His father joined the Confederate forces in Louisiana, but at the conflict's end he was in Galveston. He sent for his family and established a home there.
    Mr. Sullivan thinks he inherited his love for the sea from his father.
    "Worked on a schooner with my father running lumber from Lake Charles to Galveston before I was knee high," Mr. Sullivan recalls.
    He went to High Island in 1880 when there were three families living there.
    He made good money in those days hunting and taking his game to Galveston to sell to hucksters.
    When High Island began to grow, Mr. Sullivan set regular sailing days when he went across the bay to Galveston with a load of produce from his garden and those of his neighbors. He often carried as many as 800 pairs of ducks to Galveston markets.
   SOME SELF-IMPOSED restrictions he has adhered to all of his life, thinks Mr. Sullivan, may have contributed to his longevity.
    He has never used tobacco in any form, and he has, he says, always kept away from any type of alcoholic beverages.
    He never went to school a day in his life and he doesn't think he missed much by not going.
    He's never been sick many times, and can recall only one time when he ever really needed a doctor.
    He's lived on the same spot on "the hill" here since 1880. He likes the site because he can sit on his porch and watch the waves roll in on the white beach a block away.
    HE HAS HIS OWN teeth, sees well without glasses and says his hearing has never been impaired.
    He's had 17 children, 10 of them are still living. The oldest, Frank, 72, resides in Beaumont.
    The "baby" lives in High Island. He is 30.
    "May have to slow up a bit before long, my knees are getting kind of wobbly, guess old age is finally catching up with me," says Mr. Sullivan rather sheepishly, as he explains why he steadies himself with a cane.
    He works on his boat, dry-docked in his yard, every day.
    "Putting in a new keel, didn't like the looks of the old one," he says.
    HE'S AIMING, HE says, to have the craft fit as a fiddle before spring.
    "Children think I'm too old to go fishing and oystering, but by March I'll be sittin' in her right out in the middle of the bay, digging for oysters. Goin' alone too, got no mind to share my earnings with a passenger.

Photo caption: PATRIARCH OF HIGH ISLAND - Henry Edward Sullivan will be ready for a busy fishing season come spring. He plans to do lots of oystering in his boat.

What a letter to the employees. This was probably from something of Wayne's and not the USPS.

Mother's Day Card from Fred Edgar to Eunice Edgar 1942

Garner State Park Postcard 1962

This is a Garner State Park postcard from Collie Edgar to Mr. Fred Edgar & family High Island, TX

Howdy folk
    How are you?
Come up with the
Smith's for the weekend.
The females come Wed.
? and I came Fri PM
Having fun.

 Love Collie

Thank You Note from Wayne to Minnie

Nice little thank you note from Wayne to Minnie Edgar for a quilt.